Ecclesia is a Holistic Missional Christian Community called to serve Jesus, our Liberating King:



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We believe that the Gospel impacts every area of a person's life and culture. We reject unfounded categories that divide the world into uniquely sacred or purely secular. God is redeeming all of creation through Jesus.



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We believe the Church exists for the world and not for herself; she is to introduce and usher in the Kingdom of God into every part of this world.



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We embrace the teachings and divinity of Jesus Christ as well as His unique role as the means of salvation from sin for all who believe. We embrace Scripture as God's primary instrument by which He introduces this message to the world.



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We believe that salvation brings people together as a reflection of a triune God: Father, Son and Spirit. Saved from sin by grace through faith, the people of God are able to live in unity as was intended by God in the beginning.


The unique beauty of Christianity centers on the reality that the Creator God journeyed from the heavens to join us in our humanity as the ultimate means of our salvation. We seek to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus by following His example to love one another as He loved us, even to the point of death.