One of the first things we know about God is that He is a creator. He creates a space in which to exist. He creates a world in which to live. He creates life to dwell in this space. He commissions us to cultivate the world in which we live.

We believe that at the heart of being made in the image of God is the movement of creating. And we, as the body of Christ, want to be involved in that movement.

We do this when we corporately gather to worship - through music we've written, blessings we've constructed, and art we're creating. We think that this is an important rhythm in our communal response to God. These creations speak to the journey that the Spirit of God is taking us on. These works are our reminders of God's faithfulness in our lives.

We also believe that creating is an essential aspect of our everyday life - our everyday worship to God. For most people, this is a non-artistic endeavor. It means seeing the place that God has put you in, and bringing restoration into those broken places. But for those who God has given gifts in the creative arts, we want to encourage those people to step into that calling. We think the time given to grow, hone, and excel at one's skill is a divine calling. We think that a life lived habitually creating is a noble road.... whether it be in the church or the world. We hope that our artists would be in both.

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